It's Your First Day In Hell.


[SCENE: the reception area of Hell]

RADIO DJ: Alright, folks, that was a 47-minute megamix of Kenny Chesney songs, great stuff, but now we’re going to move on-

BRAD: Whew, finally.

RADIO DJ: Next up, we’ve got DJ Khaled-

BRAD: [sighs]

RADIO DJ: -covering the music of Kenny Chesney. You’re listening to Hell’s in-house radio station, AM 666 [deep radio voice] THE INFERNO. [air horn]

BRAD: This sucks.

GREETER: Hi, Brad! Hi, I’m Phlegyas, I’ll be escorting you into hell today, welcome! We’re so glad you’re here. We’ve really been looking forward to your arrival for quite some time.

BRAD: I only just died?

GREETER: Yes, but you’ve been a dick for a long time.

BRAD: That’s true.

GREETER: Anyways, I think you’ll find it’s not so bad here. I mean, we’ve got our own radio station-

DISTANT VOICE OF DJ KHALED: On the coast of somewhere beautiful, tradewinds blowin’ through her hair / Sunlight dancin’ on the water, and I wish I was there…

GREETER: We’ve got a pool-

[gestures to pool of boiling pitch]

GREETER: … activities…

[gestures to a loud water polo game happening in the pool of boiling pitc]

GREETER: … and on Tuesdays, we even have silly hat day!

[gestures to guy in the boiling water polo game with a glowing steel rod through his skull]

BRAD: Fine. Whatever.

GREETER: Now, before I ferry you across the marsh of the wrathful and sullen, I just want to take a few minutes to run through your agenda for the next [checks notes] eternity.

BRAD: Alright, well, hurry up. I haven’t got all day.

GREETER: Heh, a jokester! Hey, you’ll probably meet Louis CK soon, he’s here.

BRAD: Sure, that makes sense.

GREETER: Okay, so first, we’re going to fit you with a heavy lead robe, which you’ll be forced to wear as you march endlessly around your circle.

BRAD: Okay.

GREETER: Then, we’re going to set you into a pit of serpents. The serpents will bite at you-

BRAD: Let me guess, endlessly?

GREETER: Oh buddy let me tell you what, they ain’t ending. Here’s a fun little twist though: some of the serpents will make you spontaneously combust.

BRAD: Well, that’s good. At least then they’ll stop biting me.

GREETER: You’d think so! But, no, you’ll quickly re-form, and it’ll just start over again.

BRAD: Ah, well. Nevertheless.

GREETER: [scanning clipboard] Rashes, dropsy, leprosy, consumption…

BRAD: Had most of ‘em already.

GREETER: Ooh, do you like the outdoors?

BRAD: Sure.

GREETER: You’re going to love this one. We’re going to turn you into a gnarled, thorny tree.

BRAD: Trees are nice.

GREETER: You will be pecked at and torn apart by Harpies. Probably should’ve mentioned that in the first part.

BRAD: I see.

GREETER: And then [flipping through notes] listen, we don’t need to run through all of this, a lot of it gets pretty repetitive, I’m not gonna lie. Boiling pitch in one circle, boiling blood in another, until we get to almost the center, and then we’ll just encase you in a solid block of ice. We weren’t the most inventive when we put this place together, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, amiright?

BRAD: Hey, I’m the new guy here, you tell me.

GREETER: We’ve got a little joke around here — you don’t have to be crazy to work here, but you do have to be willing to inflict the most severe punishments possible on sinners for all of eternity.

BRAD: Heh.

GREETER: Listen, before we get to rowing across this Stygian swamp, can I ask you something?

BRAD: Shoot.

GREETER: [shoots him]


GREETER: Sorry, that’s just a little gag we have here. No, anyways, what I wanted to ask is — you seem pretty unfazed by all of this. I mean, most people, we start describing the tortures, and they’re all “oh, no, what have I done” and “please, what can I do to stop this” and “I want to speak to your manager”, but I just gave you the whole rundown and you barely even batted an eye. What gives?

BRAD: Well, I’m a Minnesota sports fan.

GREETER: Oh dang

BRAD: Yeah. So, y’know, after watching my beloved North Stars leave town, only to win a Stanley Cup in Dallas — and be replaced by an utterly charmless, unsuccessful expansion franchise… and watching the Twins lose to the Yankees in the ALDS seemingly every single season… seeing the Timberwolves squander Kevin Garnett’s prime because they violated cap rules for Joe Freakin’ Smith… and then the, well, everything about the Vikings? This all seems fine. It’s fine.

Image result for blair walsh miss

GREETER: [sighs] I keep telling Lou that we gotta modernize some of these punishments. You know we had a Mets fan come through here just last week, he was thrilled when he realized he wouldn’t be able to watch them play.

BRAD: Oh yeah, that’d be a relief.

GREETER: We were just yankin’ him, though, we get all the Mets games. Kenny Chesney does the play-by-play.

BRAD: Classic.

GREETER: Alright, well, hop in the boat, let’s get going. Hey, by the way, what are you in for?

BRAD: Crashed a school bus into a petting zoo.

GREETER [rowing into the slime, where the wrathful squirm in anguish on the surface]: Oh, yeah, I’ve done that.

DJ KHALED: There goes my future, my everything / Might as well kiss it all good-bye /There goes my life…

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