RECIPE: Stuffed-Crust Nachos

I'm either a genius or a fool and we both know which one it is.

Do you ever wonder if you’ve gone too far? I began to wonder that partway through this recipe. Internet content waits for no individual’s personal moral crisis, though, so I forged ahead.

The premise I’m working from here is thus: while nachos are a perfect and unassailable food completely above reproach, it’s still a bummer when you get that chip that doesn’t have any toppings on it. Who among us is strong enough to cope with that kind of heartbreak? Maybe you are, but I’m sure not.

With that in mind, our concept begins with Toasted Ravioli. A St. Louis specialty, this dish involves frying ravioli instead of boiling them. That’s it. That’s the gag. St. Louis is a wild place.

What we’re going to do today, though, is add some nacho-adjacent flavors into that product, then use it as the basis for an amped-up version of nachos.

First, let’s make pasta. I made a very simple pasta dough, but used 3 cups flour to 1 cup masa harina as the base.

I rolled that thin on a pasta machine. Next, I prepared a filling of cooked chorizo, cheddar cheese, refried beans and black olives, and made ravioli with it. Or did I make empanadas? It’s hard to say, and there’s a lot of existential crises in my kitchen.

From this point, fry them in 350-degree oil until golden brown, then top as you would normal nachos.

There’s delicious nacho flavor on top…

… and inside! Not a bare chip to be found. You’ll never go topping-less again.

Scott Hines (@actioncookbook)

This recipe appeared in the January 31st email newsletter, a Super Bowl preview titled “The Seven Snackurai”. If you landed here from somewhere else, do yourself a favor and check that out.