Welcome to the Action Cookbook Newsletter!

You may know me from Twitter (@actioncookbook), or have read my writing with outlets such as Every Day Should Be Saturday, SBNation, and Decider.

Oh, and I entered “florps” into the internet lexicon.

This here is the most personal distillation of what I do: sometimes silly and absurd, sometimes heartfelt and sentimental, most of the time thinking about food.

Three times a week, I’m sending out fresh material, right around 8am Eastern Time. Mondays and Wednesdays, you’ll get a variety of things — notes on the struggles and joys of parenting, occasional discussions of architecture, essays on screwing up, or just plain goofy stuff for fun.

Then on Fridays, a primer (like this!) to get you ready for the weekend, loaded with recipes, cocktails, book/music recommendations, reader dog photos, and more. It’s fun!

Just ask these satisfied readers:

Okay, but what’s an Action Cookbook?

A purposeful non-sequitur of a phrase I chose one night when I was searching for a new Twitter handle and was watching an episode of The Supersizers Go. They mentioned a 1970s cookbook “for men” of the same title, and now I’ve spent seven years talking under that title.

Should I subscribe?

In my completely unbiased opinion, yes.